R. K. Agarwal, Chairman I would like to offer my best wishes to you all.
With the advent of globalization and rapid advancement in economy, enormous opportunities and challenges have been thrown open at the doors of Indians. The need for quality education has never been so acute than it is today. Understanding this need of the time Techno Institute of Higher Studies has been established for promoting quality education through it’s various endeavors.
We, at Techno Institute of Higher Studies strive to impart education to students that not only sharpens the intellectual Knowledge but also inculcates ethical and aesthetic values, thus moulding a multifaceted personality that is ready to shoulder responsibilities towards the family, the society and the Nation.
On behalf of the Techno Institute of Higher Studies, I assure that our students will get the best of the infrastructural facilities, caring attention and right academic ambience, for an all round development of the student.
Er. R. K. Agarwal
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